Church of the Annunciation

In 1946 a log-cabin-style church with knotty pine paneling, gothic beams, and a 40-foot steeple was built in Milwaukie, at 2615 Harrison Street. The church was beautifully situated amongst the trees near Crystal Lake.

Crystal Lake Church
Crystal Lake Church, c1983 (Oregon State Historic Preservation Office)

After membership declined, Crystal Lake Church closed in 1986. A developer bought the land to build an apartment complex there, but rather than tear down the church the developer donated it to the Holy Order of MANS, a 60-member congregation that had been renting space on NW Overton Street in Portland. The church was moved to a temporary location on 37th Avenue until the congregation had found a suitable new home for it. In 1987 they purchased land on Rusk Road and moved the church to the site, where it still is today.

In 1995 the congregation was accepted into the Eastern Orthodox Church and became Church of the Annunciation. Although two miles away from its original location, the 65-year-old church is still in a pretty setting, surrounded by green parkland and trees.

Church of the Annunciation

Church of the Annunciation


Location of Church of the Annunciation in Milwaukie:

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