Asa Sanders House

Abby and Asa Sanders moved from Connecticut to Oregon in the early 1850s. In 1858 they bought more than half of the Mathias Sweigle land claim, which had been one of the earliest donation land claims in the Molalla area. The Sanders made their living growing wheat and fruit. Asa, Abby, and several infants are buried in a family cemetery on the property.

They built this house on their land in 1878. The unique-looking house features cathedral-style windows on both sides of the second floor.

Asa Sanders House
Asa Sanders House, date unknown (Oregon State Library)

Asa Sanders House
Asa Sanders House, c1984 (Oregon State Historic Preservation Office)

The house still stands, but it is hidden behind a wall of vegetation. All that can be seen from the road is a bit of the front door at the end of a long driveway.

Driveway to the Asa Sanders House in 2012

Front door of the Asa Sanders House in 2012, courtesy of a zoom lens